Challenge of Doom–The Third Day

Props to Christopher who inspired today’s title.


Day 03 – A picture of the cast from your favorite show








I know, I know… you all thought I was gonna post a pic of Jerseylicious or one of the CSIs. I almost thought about CSI Vegas, but I’m sure I couldn’t find a pic with Grissom, Warrick, AND Langston. So, I went with The Big Bang Theory.

As I’ve state before, I have major geek-envy. Smart, funny, great cast, BBT even has a physicist on staff to make sure the smart stuff they’re saying makes sense. I love all of the characters. Leonard is adorkable, and who doesn’t remember David from Roseanne? Having Sarah Gilbert as a love interest for Leonard was brilliant, too. Raj and Harold’s bromance is hilarious, and I do a spot on impression of Howard’s mother. I have a HUGE crush on Sheldon–I’d sing soft kitty with him any day. Love Penny–she’s Sheldon’s perfect opposite and her “real person” dynamic provides a fun element to the group. Plus, I really liked 8 Simple Rules (*tear* RIP John Ritter). And this season, Amy Farrah Fowler (Mayim Bialik) is a fantastic addition. Her and Penny as “besties”–so much fun. Love all of it.