I wasn’t tagged, but this came off one of my favorite blogs, and well, I’m bored and I don’t feel like doing any of the things I should be doing. So…

My roommate and I once ~ filled our freezer with Benson and Hedges and Milky Ways

Never in my life have I ~ painted a house the colors I wanted.

High school was ~ one of those “do-overs” I’d like to have

When I am nervous ~ try not to have a panic attack

My hair ~ sucks. Bad hair days are the norm, and good hair days happen rarely.

When I was 5 ~ I realized that I was smarter than everyone else. 🙂

By this time next year ~ I will have at least one of my goals accomplished.

I have a hard time understanding ~ people who can’t put themselves in other’s shoes

You know I like you if ~ I talk to you.

My ideal breakfast is ~ a big one I did not make.

If you visit my hometown ~ the aliens will get you!
roswell alien

If you spend the night at my house ~ bring earplugs…I have lots of whiny dogs

My favourite blond is~

My favourite brunette is~ pretty close between this guy
Dave Matthews
and this guy

The animal I would like to see flying is~ 5 puppies in my backyard to their new homes!!!

I shouldn’t ~ obsess like I do.

Last night ~ I had some bizarre dreams.

I’ve been told I look like ~ my mom.

She’s so pretty! 🙂

If I could have any car it would be ~ a hybrid

So there it is, if you want to do it feel free! I’d love to read your answers!