Something you love; Day 12

I totally stole Sarah‘s picture. 

Not a something, but a someone. I love Jesus. I could spend a ridiculous amount of time explaining why. Words will fail miserably. The abridged version goes something like this:
He saved my marriage. He saved my family. He saved my life. I am nothing without him.
Lately, I have walked a very fine line. I love Jesus, and I live my life loving him. However, I am very conscious of pushing people away because I love him. I want the very opposite. I want people to see what I have and want that, because they see that love in action, not because I shove it down their throats. Sometimes, though, I wonder if I stifle too much, because I’m afraid of turning people off to him. That is not to say I bend on my beliefs, I just wonder sometimes where the balance should be. Something I’m working on–I’m sure he’s gonna let me know what’s up. 🙂 In the meantime, the simple fact of the matter is… I love him.