Photo Challenge–Day 2

Day 02 – A picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest:


Trace and I when we were babies

So I could have gone with a sibling here, but for as much as I love my sibs, we don’t live in the same state and haven’t for a very long time. I think if so much life hadn’t happened one of them would have easily been in this picture since there was a “longest” directive, but the winner in this post goes to my bestest friend, Trace. We met in February of 1996, became “more than friends” in April that same year, and got married in December 1997. We were 19 and 20 when we met, and we talk often of how we grew up together, because, let’s face it at 19-20 years old you know exactly squat about life. I consider myself very fortunate to have grown up with the man I love, and someone who will be ridiculously stupid with me and not bat an eye. He knows what I’m thinking by just watching my eye twitch or how my posture changes, knows the perfect thing to say in every situation, and understands every one of my impossible idiosyncrasies. Yeah, I like the guy (plus, he’s REALLY attractive).


On a semi-related note: I had an ephiphany today. It was a huge one. HUGE. Someday I’ll tell you what it was, but it was life altering, and it happened all because I’ve made a commitment to write daily. I bought a book recently, Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg–Great book, really really good, and I guess it’s a long time staple for creative writers. I’ve been reading it and going through some of the exercises. Combined with getting the words flowing and other stuff, I’ve been getting ideas for a much bigger project. I was sitting at a cafe on the beach today writing and brainstorming, and I got a revelation so big I had tears streaming down my face. Unreal. Sorry to be so enigmatic, but it was awesome. I just had to share even a little bit–I had an epiphany.