Puppy Update…

I realized that sometime ago I blogged about my Katie Jo, but never updated…

First of all, for all the psycho-rabid-spay-and-neuter-your-pets-or-you’re-going-to-hell readers, I’ll retell the back story. We adopted Katie from our local animal shelter the day before my birthday–she’s a beautiful brindle chihuahua/dachshund mix (a chi-weenie 🙂 ). We were told when we adopted her that we would need to get her spayed within 7 days because she was in heat and had been brought in with a male dog with whom she’d had, ahem, relations (he was a terrier/spitz mix). So, I dutifully took her to the vet and I opted for a full panel of bloodwork along with the spaying. They called me later that day to tell me that she had heartworms and could not go under anesthesia because her heart couldn’t take it.

So, we had two options, either go on the fast track treatment, which consisted of one shot and a month later a second and third shot to kill the heartworms and then we could get her fixed. Although each session was $500-600 we went ahead with the fast track so we could get her spayed as soon as possible. Otherwise, the other option was to have her be on heartworm medication for 3 years (dogs in TX have to be on hw meds anyway just because of the weather/environment) and I could get her fixed after the 3 years was up.

So…we got the first shot, and during that month I noticed her getting fatter. She was a little chunky when I adopted her, so I thought that maybe I was just feeding her too much. When I dropped her off at the vet’s for her second round, they called me about 2 hours later to tell me they couldn’t give her the second round of treatment because, surprise! She’s preggers…
Katie preggers
Well, on Friday, March 15th at around 3:30 am (at my mother’s house no-less) Katie began giving birth. For the next 12 hours she had a litter of 6 pups, 1 boy, 4 girls, and one stillborn undeveloped pup (the vet told us to expect that some of the pups wouldn’t be alive or might be mutated because of the first shot).

So, we have a full house; Katie Jo, and in order of birth, Buddy, Sandy, Gobi, Crackle, and Sammie (born almost 7 hours after Crackle). Katie is a great mommy, and it was obvious very early on that she’d come from an abused home, she would belly up if you came near her, involuntary peeing, and wouldn’t love on anyone but me. I think that giving birth was the best thing for her because she’s calmed down and lets Trace and the kids love on her now, and she even comes when they call.
doggy pile
First solid meal
We’re having a blast, but they’re starting to get loud, messy, and very playful. I have to clean out their room once a day, and all I can say is, eew. We plan on keeping one pup, probably Sammie as she seems to be the smartest and most loving, but we’ll see. Hopefully we can find good homes for all of them! My mom’s already decided to take Buddy, and I have a prospective home for one of the others. I would hate to have to take the others back to the shelter, so we’ll just have to hope for the best. 🙂

So that’s the update with the fam. I’ve decided that even though all my sisters are having babies, I don’t need to. I had puppies.

Want a puppy?

I took my Katie Jo (or Katie Joseph as I like to call her) in for her second round of heart worm treatments today, only to find out that she can’t take the shots anymore because she’s FREAKIN’ PREGNANT!!! Oy!
If you may recall, I took her in to get her spayed about a month ago only to find out she couldn’t handle the anesthesia because she had heartworms.
I noticed her getting fat, but I just chalked it up to inactivity (we’re supposed to keep her mellow because of her medications), but no–there are puppies on board.

I just wanted to be a good samaritan, you know, rescue a dog from the animal shelter, and just my luck, I get a pregnant dog with heartworms.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my cute little doggie, but puppies are the last thing I need right now! I might as well have had another kid!

Anyway, from what the vet tells me, I’ve got about 1-2 weeks to get ready for little chihuahua-daschund-spitz-terrier mutt puppies. I’ll take pics when they come.

Please take one…I’ll be your best friend!

My Katie…

I’m not a dog person, or at least I never cosidered myself to be, until Miss Katie came into my life. She is the sweetest, cutest most well behaved dog I could have ever asked for. She came from an abused home, very wary of other people, quick movements and will go into the belly-up position for any reason at all, but just in the 5 days I’ve had her she has totally come out of her shell. I’ve totally become her mommy, and she is never more than 3 feet behind me as I roam the house doing things. I fell in love with her more quickly than I ever thought I would. She really is my baby girl.
I took her to get spayed today and after running her blood test to see if she was healthy enough to go through the surgery and do well with the anesthesia, they unfortunately found the presence of heartworms. She is being treated, but has to stay on the medication for 2 months in order to get rid of them.
After all my sweet girl has been through, I can’t imagine her having to go through this, too. She’s just getting used to my house and family and now has to stay the night in yet another unfamiliar place.
I know she’s going to get better, but my heart still hurts and I miss my baby. I never thought I’d love her as much as I do, but I do.
Please keep her in your prayers, the fast track treatment isn’t without risks and when she comes home, we have to keep her rested for the next 2 months. Thankfully she’s a mellow dog, but we just want her home and healthy.
Here’s to my Katie Jo and her speedy recovery. And if you feel like it, say a prayer for her momma.