Want a puppy?

I took my Katie Jo (or Katie Joseph as I like to call her) in for her second round of heart worm treatments today, only to find out that she can’t take the shots anymore because she’s FREAKIN’ PREGNANT!!! Oy!
If you may recall, I took her in to get her spayed about a month ago only to find out she couldn’t handle the anesthesia because she had heartworms.
I noticed her getting fat, but I just chalked it up to inactivity (we’re supposed to keep her mellow because of her medications), but no–there are puppies on board.

I just wanted to be a good samaritan, you know, rescue a dog from the animal shelter, and just my luck, I get a pregnant dog with heartworms.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my cute little doggie, but puppies are the last thing I need right now! I might as well have had another kid!

Anyway, from what the vet tells me, I’ve got about 1-2 weeks to get ready for little chihuahua-daschund-spitz-terrier mutt puppies. I’ll take pics when they come.

Please take one…I’ll be your best friend!