Our time is short…

and new beginnings are on the horizon. This has been the hardest 3 years of my adult life, and for as much as I complain about Tejas, it’s really not Tejas at all. It’s just all the “life” that has happened over this 3 years. Leaving here will be bittersweet, but I’m very excited for the new chapter to begin! We have just 2 weeks to go, and while some major components have fallen into place, there are still a million and one things to do. As hectic as it is to have our rotation fall in December, it’s rather nice to be able to have Christmas at the end of the whirlwind.
Soooo, for the sake of tradition I’ve compiled a list (I did this when leaving Hawaii, as shown here), a list of things I will definitely not miss about the Lonestar State, and another made up of all the things I will be very sad to leave.

Things I will NOT miss about Texas:
–The Weather… first and foremost, must be at the top of my list. Weather is highly overrated, and Texas has proven that to me. We are definitely outdoors people–beach, walks, camping, even just having coffee outside in the morning–but since we have lived here, we have become hermits (me, especially). Our first year here I looked at my kids one day and couldn’t believe how WHITE they were. They’ve always had golden tans and healthy glows. Even my brown husband has gotten super pale, and it’s rather depressing. The summers are just way too miserable to spend too much time in the sun. Plus, it’s ridiculously humid. So gross I have to keep the AC blasting, or I just can’t handle it. Winters are equally unbearable–cold, windy, yucky, bleh. I would rather just stay inside than deal with it. I’ll be honest, I love autumn around here–spring is also nice, but allergy season is brutal. Overall, Texas can just keep its weather. I really think this is what initially ruined things for me.
–Wasps. Hawaii had centipedes, TX has wasps. I found 12 nests under my deck the summer we moved here. They would dive bomb me as I cleaned the pool, keep me hostage at my back door (they liked to smack into it in groups of 5 or more), and we also have ginormous cicada-killers burrowing in various parts of the front and backyard. I’m deathly afraid of stinging, buzzing, flying things, and I’m pretty sure the wasps contributed to me staying inside.
–Texas drivers. Sorry guys, you really don’t know what the hell you’re doing on the road. You have traffic every day, why do you keep driving like traffic is a new concept? And weather! Come on, you have plenty of it–why haven’t you learned to drive in it? And for the love of God, please learn how to merge.
–Tex-Mex. Gross. I learned very early on that Mexican food is some kind of horrible amalgamation of southerners trying to make what they think is Mexican. Even the Mexicans have given in. Maybe I’m spoiled being from New Mexico and also from SoCal Mexican cuisine, but “green enchilada sauce” does not mean tomatillo sauce, corn does not belong in every single dish, and sour cream should be a garnish used sparingly in maybe a few dishes, not as a sauce thrown over tortillas or dumped atop everything on the menu. Blech.
–Living in the Cowboys’ backyard. It was bad enough when they were in Irving, but then they had to move to Arlington. While making fun of the Cowboys was enjoyable, I couldn’t get away from them ANYWHERE during football season. Plus, Cowboys fans are super sensitive. There are a lot of them you can’t even joke with, or they get totally butthurt. I’m thinking it’ll be a lot more fun to make fun of them when I’m far way. 😉

Things I will miss about Texas:
–Christian values. They are in the culture, they are part of life, and people are not ashamed or shy about them. Prayers before school/sports events, cheerleaders dancing to Christian music, teachers being able to share ideals with Christian undertones (without being obtrusive or proselytizing) and not be afraid that they will hung out to dry by parents or school boards. Town meetings or events start out with prayers. I love that it’s just a way of life. I understand that we’re heading to California, where the culture is the polar opposite. I will definitely miss not having to make excuses for my beliefs, but I’m thankful for the time and foundation my family has received.
–Schools. We were so luckily to be part of an awesome school system w/awesome teachers and parents. Plus, no state in the nation can beat music education in Texas. No budget cuts to deal with, no furlough days or early releases. Bus services still run, and the focus is simply on kids getting an education.
–Taco Cabana. Yes, even though I bitched about the Tex-Mex, tacos are awesome. Taco Bueno comes a close second, but Taco Cabana is my mecca. Fajita tacos, street tacos, breakfast tacos… all of it. No one does it the same, and I don’t know if I’m gonna function w/o them. The people that work there even know me. They know my orders, they know my car, they know my face. Yes, I realize I have a problem. I’m okay with that.
–MY FRIENDS. One of the best things about my time in Texas. My church family that we followed from Hawaii, Randy & Linda–our spiritual parents– I don’t know what we’re gonna do without you! Koa, Tom, Dee, Reed, Annette, Mike, Sandra, we will be pressed to find such a wonderful group of people. Truly our family, and it will be difficult to leave them. Amy and Cindy (and respective families), thank you for being two of the most loving and supportive friends a girl could ask for. <3
–Living so close to my Roswell family. I loved being able to be so close, especially with the health issues that have happened. Getting in my car and being able to be there in a few hours has been wonderful. 7 hours will soon translate into 16 hours, so I’m glad I took advantage of going home as often as I did.

Moving is never easy. I know there’ll be a big adjustment for all of us, and for as much as I joke/complain/whine I have loved the people and connections I made while living here. Texans are some of the nicest people on the planet. That being said, I know this move is the right one for us. I know that God has some amazing things planned for us, and I can’t wait to find out what they are.

Adios, y’all.


I had a really strange dream last night. I dreamt that I lived in a house that had a wrap-around room that was around both the front door and the back door. You couldn’t get out of the house without going through this room. For some reason or another, there was a tiger running loose and we managed to catch it. It started out somewhat calm, a couple of us were able to pet it, but then it turned totally vicious. We had to lock it in this room. The problem was, since this tiger was in this room, none of us were able to get out of the house. Any time anyone touched a doorknob to either the front or back door, the tiger went crazy. I called animal control to come and get the tiger, and in the meantime, I climbed out of an upstairs window and jumped down to the driveway to meet the animal control guy.

Now, I have a pretty good interpretation of this dream, but since so many of my friends are prophetic dream interpreters 🙂 I’d like your take on this.

Speaking of the prophetic, I am having a hard time with people. I think I’ve always been a little anti-social, but it’s gotten worse over the years. Except my anti-social isn’t the anti-social that people would normally think of when they hear that word. I’m an overly compassionate person. I’m the type of person people will share all their business with, and I love helping them, even if it’s just a shoulder to cry on. This is one reason I’ve decided to change my major. I know I have a gift in that area. My problem is, I don’t mind hearing your business–just stay out of mine. I don’t make friends easily, and I don’t like people in my private space. I let very few people in, and when they get too close, I tend to cut them out. My inner circle is very small (for some reason the internet doesn’t fit in this way of thinking–it just seems more anonymous to me and very few people read what I write anyway. It’s more therapuetic than anything). Anyway, I’ve gotten a prophecy that said that God was calling me out of my prayer closet, and that He wasn’t going to let me close myself off anymore.
I like my closet. It’s nice and safe and comfy. I don’t have to open the door if I don’t want to.
The last prophetic word I got around New Year’s says:

. I am giving you my heart of love for my people and for those around you. They will feel this love that I have given to you for them and this is what will win them to Me. My love will draw them to myself. Those around you will not remember so much what you say as what they feel from you. Love is the greatest gift that you will give to my people. Love will exude from you and my love will be contagious. Love my people for Me. Encourage my people for Me. Love the lost as I have loved you.

I know I have great compassion for people, but I’m not sure if I love them. Love is a two-way street, a give and take relationship. I don’t mind listening and helping people, but they have to be at arm’s length, and I know that’s not what God wants from me. I’m so uncomfortable right now at school because there are a few people who have gotten a little too close. I’m ready to quit–I’m ready for the semester to be over. I’m one of those people who has no problem with being in a classroom of 150 people and the professor can’t put my name with my face. I’m so okay with getting lost in the crowd.

Maybe that’s my tiger, huh?
Gotta tame the beast and let God love others through me.