Day Nine…

Day 09 – A picture of the person who has gotten you through the most:


I used this picture, because Trace is not a laugh-out-loud kind of guy. If something’s funny, you might get him to crack a smile. This picture is one of my favorites, because it captures him in a full belly laugh, and those are few and far between. It always makes me smile. (Hey, maybe I should have used this one for a later day…) Using my husband for this day was kind of a given, since he’s my “closest longest” guy. The irony is that he’s also the person that’s put me through the most. That being said, I couldn’t have gotten through or past some of those things with anyone else on the planet. Of this, I am sure. He is my rock, my voice of reason, my constant. He’s amazing. Love this guy.

And his smile makes me melt.

For the lulz…

Day 08 – A picture that makes you laugh

I have so many. I have quite a few of this guy:

lol. Yeah, I laughed. That’s my brother. Hopefully he doesn’t mind me using this picture. Otherwise, I’ll have to go back and use one of my daughter, and that’ll get me in even worse trouble.

My brother. He’s a funny guy. I love people with smart senses of humor–he’s quite witty. We live entirely too far away from each other (he’s in Florida, I’m in California). He’s my little brother– he drove me inSANE while we were growing up, and yeah, even now I wanna smack him upside the head once in a great while, 😉 but I love him to pieces.  We get each other. He’s one of my best friends. I’m super proud of him, miss him like crazy, and any guy that can make me laugh the way he does captures a special place in my heart.