A Blog Revisited

I don’t even know where to begin!

It’s been a year and a half since I’ve written anything. I’ve thought about it often, but for some reason or another I’ve not actually made the leap. I think I’ve been afraid. Blogging is a personal and intimate thing that I haven’t really been open to lately…although I subconsciously I know I needed it, so I’ve been taking it out on my Facebook statuses. At any rate, I took the jump this morning, complete with a new look. Hope you like it!

So very much has happened in the last year and a half. Thankfully, all of it has been good (or worked out to be positive), but my life has definitely taken many turns. I’m hoping to post on a regular basis…life stuff, but also adding a few new categories on the site.

1 of the main life happenings have been me going back to school. After all my health challenges, I got turned on to alternative medicine and holistic health. I began taking herbal classes & have totally fallen in love with herbs and the whole world of holistic health and healing. In June, I’ll graduate as a Holistic Health Practitioner, which includes massage therapy. Herbalism and bodywork have absolutely changed my life! I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to go back to school and pursue a dream I never even knew I had. 🙂 I am no longer working at my previous job, and I’m working part-time (and totally self-employed) as a massage therapist, and it’s been truly amazing. It’s allowed me to be flexible and available with all of our other craziness going on (details in the following paragraph). I’m praying that someday being a full-time herbalist will pay the bills, but in the meantime I’ll continue growing herbs and making medicine and helping my friends and family and any one else who might come my way.

The second big announcement is that my family and another family will be planting a church this year! (Just a few small things going on. ;)) My husband will be retiring from the Marine Corps next year and stepping into full time ministry. We are beyond excited and I’ll admit it, a little anxious. Through all of our struggles and trials, I can honestly say I never ever expected our lives to be heading this way, but I can also clearly see God’s hand and protection through all of it! Just goes to show that He can and does use imperfect people if we’re only willing. (Because, let’s face it, we all know I’m super imperfect and wayyyy too snarky to be a pastor’s wife!)

Other updates, my tiny little kiddos that I started writing about are humungous amazingly talented and wonderful teenagers and along with my husband, they continue to be my biggest blessings. Stinkin’ love those guys.

I’m singing every single day, and I’m learning to play the banjo. Ha! Yes, the banjo. It makes me happy, and I love it. I believe the ukelele is going to be happening in the near future.

Anyway…I’ve been scared of writing, and I think that it’s something I need to and will be doing on more regular basis. I do hope you’ll check in with me every now and again. I’m planning on more music posts, some fun herb-y stuff (okay, probably a lot of fun herb-y stuff), and probably some inspirational-put-this-in-your-pocket-for-later nuggets. Because God is good, and life is wonderful no matter how difficult it may get. Much love and many blessings.


Texas, California, and Homosexuality

Got your attention, huh?

I figure you all are tired of me pissing and moaning–heck, I’M tired of my pissing and moaning, so I thought I’d pass on an something interesting I noted in class today.

I got my associate’s degree in CA, and I have to tell you, the California school system was quite a shock for this conservative former Marine who hadn’t been exposed to anything but your typical red-blooded Americans. I’ll admit there were times I was quite irritated with an instructor’s deliverance of ideas, as if there were no alternative to his/her liberal way of thinking, and I’d never experienced such a contempt for Christianity en masse. Now I’m not saying that there was discrimination or that I was persecuted for my beliefs or anything, but it was a very liberal environment and everyone was so worried about PC (christians obviously didn’t get that consideration), and things were said about the conservative crowd as if there were none in the room, and I was definitely the in the minority.

I will say because of that experience, though, I have become increasingly more tolerant. People are people regardless of religion, culture, beliefs, and as mentioned in the heading, sexual orientation, and I look more at individuals than at groups of people when forming opinions/drawing conclusions.

I’m now finishing my degree in Texas, and there is a marked difference in the two institutions–religion is discussed differently in my history classes-it was used prolifically in economics and political power, but in TX, it’s also discussed that people (populations) genuinely believed in what they practiced. It’s just another facet that wasn’t explored at my last school.

Anyway, I was way shocked today, and really saw how different the CA culture and the TX culture are.

I’m sitting in my History of Civilization class today and we’re learning about Greece. So, the Theban (sp?) army was made up of 150 homosexual couples called the Sacred Band; the philosophy being that each man would fight valiantly, both to impress his lover, but also to protect him. Well, immediately the laughter and the jokes began, and it didn’t come from a small section, It’s a big class, and pretty much the whole room was cracking one-liners and laughing.
Now, I have quite a few gay friends, and I’m pretty sure they would have been laughing, too, just knowing the type of people they are, but I was initially apalled. I mean in my PoliSci class in CA, there was a transgender person in my class, and no one thought anything about it–that NEVER would have happened in a classroom in California (I did always wonder which restroom he/she used, though). I was looking around the room to see if anyone was uncomfortable, but everyone was either smiling or laughing. Not to say that doesn’t mean someone wasn’t just going along w/it.
Now, my point in posting this is not to condemn or judge anyone or say one educational system is better than the other–the two cultures are just so different I had to comment.
We’re not done with Greece, and our instructor promises much more homosexuality–should be interesting!